One True Wonder

That ideal person you wish to be. Is it within reach, not even able to be seen over the horizon, or hasn’t even crossed the path of your gray matter? If you give it thought, you almost automatically begin to add traits that you would like to have. Maybe you’d like to know at least five languages, or be able to flawlessly stride in front of a packed classroom and give a tangible 30 minute presentation without blinking. Some people are lucky to enough to at least seem like they have been born with these natural abilities, some aquire and sharpen them over the advancement of their time. If you want traits that will make you a better human overall, you need to work for them. No one was ever born with the accurate ability to read non-verbals or the ability to interpret what third persons were feeling. But laugh at yourself for assuming such a silly idea. Empower yourself by taking on the task of gaining valuable tidbits of information. The whole world isn’t going to fit into your head, then again your head isn’t going to fit into the whole world. You don’t need everything, discard what isn’t useful and keep/value what is. Over the years you decide if you want that philosophy/theory/quote/skill to take root and be part of your life. Lets begin.